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Soirem Research is a  spin off company, resulting from the alliance between UNED university  and a private equity,  founded in 2011.

Soirem Research represents the culmination of nearly three decades of academic research to find innovative solutions for unmet needs in diagnostic imaging, promoting research and commercialization of;

  • Novel contrast agents for multimodal, hybrid and theragnostic imaging of cancer and neurodegeration, including nanotecnological formulations
  • Innovative products to assess non-invasively Blood Brain Barrier integrity
  • Advanced analytical services for drug development and evaluation
  • Custom synthesis for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries
  • Scientific consulting services

Soirem Research SL founder,  Professor Paloma Ballesteros,  conceived the company as a tool to return to the society the research experience  and products developed in academia:

“Delivering Innovation: basic research that began almost 30 years ago has led today to a successful spin off company. SOIREM Research has been able to transform the scientific knowledge we generated as academics, into useful applications for unmet society needs “.


SOIREM Research SL designs, develops, evaluates and commercializes new generations of contrast agents in multimodal, theranostic and hybrid imaging for the biomedical research and drug development markets, emphasizing the use of more effective pharmaceutical nanoformulations for controlled drug release.

SOIREM Research SL aims to consolidate a strategic position in the biomedical research and drug development markets, through the generation of original and highly specialized knowledge , protection of intellectual property and marketing of innovative products and services.

Non-invasive imaging of the extracellular microenvironment. Advanced probes to visualize extracellular pH and pO2 by spectroscopic imaging (MRSI). Production of the extracellular pH probes ISUCA and IEPA, and the pO2 probe NISUCA,  with broad applications in the imaging of oncologic and neurodegerative disorders.
Improvements in the efficacy of contrast agents for molecular and biomedical imaging through nanoformulations.
Soluble carbon nanotubes derivatives as multimodal contrast agents to encode directionality in MRI and fluorescence. Applications in Diffusion Tensor Imaging of white matter disorders.

“An advanced biotech company
imagin(ing) your future”

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